Wastewater Analysis for Tailored Solutions: LiquidSky's Commitment to Your Success

At LiquidSky, we understand that a meticulous approach is fundamental to crafting a secure wastewater solution. Our commitment revolves around conducting a comprehensive wastewater analysis and addressing your entire process, from production to wastewater management. We firmly believe that a system meticulously aligned with your needs and objectives ensures long-term satisfaction. Explore our wastewater analysis methods and discover how we determine the most suitable treatment for your wastewater.

Stocktaking and Wastewater Analysis Procedure

To design a customized system, we initiate our wastewater analysis procedure by establishing the fundamentals. Our team of experts, operating from our wastewater-free production application centre, conducts an inventory directly at your premises. This phase addresses crucial questions:

a) Where does wastewater originate?

b) Which streams require treatment, and which are suitable for it?

c) How can wastewater generation be minimized?

d) What limit values, such as those for organic pollution, must be adhered to?

After sampling the wastewater, it undergoes a complete analysis in our application technology laboratory, where various pollutant loads are tested using diverse wastewater analysis methods. This ensures an examination of all parameters crucial to your needs.

Reliably Meeting Required Limit Values

Adherence to new and stringent wastewater discharge limits often necessitates considering advanced wastewater technology. Our team guides you through legal considerations and recommends the most appropriate treatment to meet these limit values safely.

Optimizing Water Usage: Can Your Water Be Reused?

With over 30 years of experience in wastewater management, our passion lies in offering wastewater solutions. We have assisted numerous clients worldwide in achieving wastewater-free production. Leveraging our ideal wastewater analysis methods, we are adept at making your production sustainable and efficient. Benefit from our expertise and optimize your processes.

The Result: A Guide to the Perfect Wastewater Solution

Our comprehensive wastewater analysis results in a detailed wastewater balance sheet that provides insights into:

a) Opportunities for wastewater minimization in your production

b) Streams that can be treated with specific technologies

c) Expected quality of treated wastewater

d) Cost implications

d)Possibilities for reused treated water

Armed with this guide, you can confidently choose the most reliable and secure solution, whether it be our VACUDEST vacuum distillation system or another system that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Our focus is on your satisfaction for the long term, and we are committed to guiding you towards the perfect wastewater solution.

Wastewater Consulting: The First Step to Perfection

Recognizing the value of sound advice, our wastewater treatment plant consultants prioritize comprehensive wastewater consulting tailored to your precise needs. Our consulting service includes three key methods:

a) Analysis of the Wastewater Situation: Thorough analysis of your needs and goals, including basic determination, inventory, pollution load recording, process optimization, and limit value considerations.

b) Planning of a Wastewater System: Building on the analysis, our consultants can plan your wastewater system, providing a detailed final report that guides you to a tailored solution.

c) Special Wastewater Treatment Consulting for Existing Systems: Process optimization to save valuable resources in production and wastewater treatment.

Benefits of Our Wastewater Consulting:

Guaranteed Secure Processes: Our sound wastewater analyses form the secure basis for a reliable system tailored to your needs.

Time and Cost Savings: Our experts compare different wastewater solutions, recommending the one that best suits your requirements.

- Increased Efficiency: We take a holistic view of your process optimization, ensuring your wastewater management runs as efficiently as your production.

Towards a Wastewater-Free Future

Our vision at LiquidSky is a wastewater-free industry, and we work towards this goal daily through innovative technologies, efficient wastewater systems, and professional consulting services. With over 30 years of experience, we invite you to benefit from our expertise and join us in creating a wastewater-free future.