Air Filtration & Heat Recovery Technology Solution

KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH Filters for the Food processing Industry -

KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH specialises in exhaust air filtration technology for the food industry. They emphasise energy-efficient and environment-friendly exhaust air filter systems that reduce CO2 emissions while simultaneously recovering energy for the manufacturing industry. KMA offers air fitration and heat recovery technology for Industries like metal, textile, food processing and rubber and plastic industry. Liquid Sky is the authorised partner for providing alr filtration and hea recovery technology for the food processing industry in India. With over 3000 air filter systems installed across the globe, KMA is a trusted name in the field of heat recovery and air filtration. Liquid Sky deals with multiple products from KMA, some of the popular ones in India are listed below.

KMA Hybrid Filter- It is used for the air filtration of industrial frying. smokehouses, spray dryers and cooking systems.

KMA ULTRAVENT- This air filtering system guarantees that exhaust air is purified to a high degree. It also recovers the heat contained in the airflow. The energy recovered might be used to heat the air supply or service water. Custom made solutions- For drying and roasting plants, KMA offers custom-made systems. The devices purify the exhaust air from food and pet food drying and roasting. They also have modules for heat recovery and odour elimination.

KMA filtration system considerably reduces energy consumption by more than 80%. Aside from the significant energy savings, it also reduces CO2 emissions, ensuring great ecological relevance. KMA solutions are trusted across the globe and their innovations have received praises and awards from leading industry organizations. As countries like India are struggling with pure air and water, air purification system can help reduce the percentage of industrial air pollution and thereby help improve the Air Quality Index. Liquid Sky is the authorised partner for KMA in food processing Industry and we undertake end-to-end solutions for the industry. We analyse the requirement, run tests where required, support the parent company in creating custom solutions and ensure proper installation and maintenance.

Industries where KMA heat recovery and air filtering systems are used .

1. Frying/baking machines
2. Meat and fish smokehouses (any type)
3. Baking systems and ovens
4. Cocoa and nut roasting
4. Commercial kitchens, canning factories
5. Animal breeding and fattening farm