H20 GmbH Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporators (MVR)

Vacuum evaporators for wastewater management from the experts for zero liquid discharge production.

Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet. Yet the pollution in our waters continues to progress. Many factories also generate industrial wastewater that is problematic for our environment. That is why we develop reliable solutions and technologies for the sustainable treatment of this production wastewater for companies worldwide. Already today, more than 1,700 companies around the globe benefit from "efficient processes and safe solutions" from H2O.With "German Engineering", we offer the highest quality that our customers can rely on at all times. Today, H2O GmbH is one of the most experienced experts in sustainable, industrial wastewater treatment. Since the registration of the VACUDEST brand in 1986, we have been pursuing the goal of protecting increasingly scarce water resources and making them economically renewable.

An investment in the future for sure

We know that every process is unique - that's why our solutions are too. In trusting cooperation with each customer, we work in partnership to develop the wastewater solution that perfectly fits their process.

A safe investment in the future:

  1. Wastewater-free production
  2. Saving energy
  3. Reduce costs

We don't sell machines - we sell solutions!

We work every day to help more and more customers achieve a wastewater-free future. Our contribution to solving one of the most urgent future problems of mankind: clean water for the world.

Contact us and make an appointment with one of our leaders for zero liquid discharge production!

And will still fit years later. Because the world is changing, productions and processes are changing, requirements are becoming more stringent. Our solutions are flexible, our innovative technologies unique. This guarantees our customers maximum satisfaction and long-term profitability. This is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment. That is precisely our goal. So that tomorrow's generations can also live in a clean and healthy environment.