Zero Liquid Discharge Manufacturers in Pune

LiquidSky Ventures Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Pune, specializes as a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system supplier for the Indian and Asia Pacific regions. As the exclusive business partner for renowned entities such as H2O GmbH, Eco Techno Slr, Vilokan AB, Enviolet GmbH, KMA GmbH, and Aquathysys France.
we offer comprehensive solutions for diverse wastewater applications, including painting pre-treatment, surface finishing, chrome plating, nickel plating, powder coating, die casting, and managing Reverse Osmosis Reject (RO reject). Emulsions from die casting Rinsing water from parts cleaning Rinsing water from pretreatment process Spent cooling lubricants, rinsing water from galvanization Rinsing water from a hardening shop, Rinsing water from pickling process Rinsing water from barrel reconditioning Rinsing water from crack detection line Rinsing water from vibratory grinding Landfill leachate. We employ diverse wastewater treatment technologies to attain Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), including Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR), Low-Temperature Evaporator, Heat Pump Evaporator, and Forced Circulation Evaporator.

LiquidSky Value Proposition

a) Complete Solutions): We distinguish ourselves as full solution providers by conducting thorough water analysis and designing end-to-end ZLD solutions tailored for our clients throughout India. This involves the integration of various technologies from our portfolio and external sources, accompanied by consistent support to ensure optimal performance.

b) Project Excellence: Each project commences with meticulous wastewater analysis and comprehensive lab testing. We maintain a ready stock of spares and consumables, offering extensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) support.

c) Global Presence: Serving as the installation, commissioning, and AMC team for our partners in the Far East and Russia markets underscores our commitment to delivering excellence worldwide.

Key Offerings

Advanced Separation: Through VACUDEST systems, we have achieved significant advancements in optimizing the separation process and obtaining crystal-clear liquids of superior quality. Our patented ClearCat condensation stage allows for a remarkable 99% reduction in COD (hydrocarbons) compared to conventional evaporators.

Innovative Control: The Destcontrol & pH controller ensures consistently high-quality distillate. Unlike conventional vacuum distillation systems adjusting pH values before evaporation, Destcontrol measures the pH value in treated water, reacting promptly to maintain consistent quality.

Energy Efficiency: Our active power clean technology ensures the heat exchanger stays clean, enabling efficient energy consumption and minimal maintenance.

Future-Oriented Technology: Investing in our VACUDEST vacuum distillation system guarantees future-oriented solutions, ensuring the best distillate quality with certainty.