Vilokan-Large Capacity MVR Evaporators upto 200 KL per hour

Ever since 1987, Vilokan Recycling Tech has been questioning how business and public sector enterprises handle purification and Wastewater recycling. Analysing and asking questions are always the first steps in our work method. Our objective is to tailor a solution that becomes a natural and efficient part of the customer’s business. Technical innovation is important, but knowledge about how it has to be handled and integrated into the business is perhaps even more so. That is why a bespoke solution from Vilokan comprises not only technical equipment, but also far-reaching insight into operation, maintenance, support, trimming, follow-up, future-proofing and even financing.

The objective is a completely closed system, a perfect circuit, a “closed loop”.

Purifying water and/or solvents is often governed by different requirements on emissions from the public authorities. Quite simply, it becomes a problem that needs to be dealt with. We at Vilokan Recycling Tech view environmental technology as an opportunity, a proactive tool with the potential to increase the independence and profitability of a business. By creating a completely closed system, we help eliminate emissions, “vaccinating” the business against future restrictions from the authorities. In addition, more and more places around the world are suffering from water shortages, so organisations that reuse 100% of their water come to enjoy a privileged position – both from a financial perspective and as members of the community.

We are constantly looking for raw materials to recycle and generate income.

Our purification processes are also recycling processes. What most people once considered to be waste is now viewed as potential raw material. Purified water or solvents can usually be reintegrated into the customer’s business in a closed system. Moreover, the businesses that find themselves with a surplus have excellent opportunities to sell to other players. In many cases, process fluids also contain additional raw materials that it is possible to extract. Our broad contact network with a wide range of enterprises means that we are often in a position to find synergies, and can bring together different customers and players to establish new circuits.

Our customers are global groups and small enterprises.

The environment does not stop at national borders. Neither does Vilokan. We are originally a Swedish company, but we view the entire world as our domestic market. The technical innovations we work with in the fields of purification and Wastewater recycling are largely modular and scalable. As a result, we can put together extremely cost-efficient solutions – for small enterprises, too – and likewise expand and adapt solutions to suit the needs of giant multinationals. Furthermore, we have far-reaching opportunities for remote control and monitoring. We are skilled at initiating logistics solutions that open up opportunities for small clients to become involved in larger capacity solutions. We love challenges and are convinced that environmental technology is the future for all kinds of businesses.

We supply expertise and future-proof standard products.

Installations from Vilokan combine technological innovations with extensive experience in the fields of design, commissioning and maintenance. The installations themselves comprise tried and tested standard components, which naturally translates into high operational reliability, as well as secure access to spare parts. An excellent way to future-proof your investment.

We love challenges.

Vilokan Recycling Tech handles all kinds of purification and Wastewater recycling of fluids for the industrial segment and the public sector. We have been pioneers in environmental technology for more than 30 years, designing thousands of installations that are operating smoothly all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us – we love challenges and are specialists in creating bespoke solutions to produce optimal results in each individual case. Technical equipment, service, support, operation, financing. We supply the combination that suits the business of the individual customer best. For the environment, for the economy and for the future.