Aquatethys Drinking water from Air

Aquatethys is a system that harvests the humidity present in the atmosphere and creates the effects of morning dew 24/7. It is a natural phenomenon that we mimic; one that we see almost ever day in our very own surroundings. Aquatethys is the only patented system of its kind that harnesses its power from its own energy compression capacities. Energy compression is obtained through the extreme optimisation of the system's functional parts (condenser, cooling generator, regulator...) and whose parameters are automated.

The Advantages of a Water Generator

Economical and Ecological

Advantages :

  1. 1. Air is inexhaustible, renewable and omnipresent
  2. 2. It produces pure natural drinking water, with a low chemical load

  1. 3. It is 100% sustainable, does not contaminate and does not damage natural resources
  2. 4. It is autonomous, compact and water is consumable in the same place it is produced.
  3. 5. It is economically and easily compatible with other chemical treatments and mineral supplements

Key Technical Advantages

  • Our units only consume an average of 50 Watts per liter when the average consumption of our competitors is 5 to 6 times more !! Our low consumption levels are a considerable advantage, allowing us to forecast multiple sites with high volume water production capacities without having to resort to industrial energy production plants that require massive installation costs and other fees.
  • The COP and ESEER of industrial cooling productions are rarely higher than 4. Our units have ratios that measures higher than 6. This is one of the major thermodynamic developments and breakthroughs that we can boast.
  • Our technical solution allows our generators to operate with different energy sources such as gas, solar panels, electrical and thermal energy to name the most common. Being able to operate with different energy sources is an advantage that allows us to present choices depending on geographical locations and the availability of local resources.
  • Our technology allows us to be the only manufacturer to produce generators with a totally autonomous industrial capacity. This solution makes it possible to pool the energy consumed and to produce water and electricity simultaneously; an autonomous solution developed for makeshift camps for humanitarian purposes and military bases or exercises. (Castor Model).
  • Our R&D team works on multiple projects which allow our units to adapt to all possible requirements including the atmospheric treatment of brine, the production of disinfectant, the integration of units on board ships or in buildings, fabrication in separate housing modules (Red Cross), an atmospheric water production coupled with grey water purification, water and electricity production for a small town, a bottling unit and more. We are as flexible as water itself.
  • Efficiency even with adverse weather conditions. Our technology allows us to produce water efficiently at temperatures and hygrometry rates where our competitor’s productions can no longer produce. Our generators can produce water between 10°C and 40% humidity and 55°C and 30% humidity.
  • An efficient and intelligent regulation Our generators are equipped with a high-performance processor which can be controlled and parameterized remotely. The user can choose to give priority to energy yields or to the production of water. Therefore, production of water can vary on command from 0 to more than 120% depending on the user’s needs. Intelligent and intuitive, our software will recognize various weather conditions and thus favoring water production when conditions are optimal or conversely reducing performance when conditions are unfavorable or when the quantities of energy diminish, as can happen when using solar panels. Its self-programming software and its ability to search for old operating parameters in its database will refine and improve efficiency, if necessary, in order to provide the best parameters for efficient water production.
  • Robustness and reliability Our generators are designed and built with the same philosophy as Public Works machinery. Built to last. Not only are the shipping containers rugged, but so are the internal components.
  • Plug and Play (PnP) installation compared to a classic industrial solution is standard. Our generators do not require a complicated long installation process. Our generators produce water within 30 minutes after installation when running on gas, oil or electricity and half a day on average when running on solar energy.
  • The self-diagnosis function corrects faults and warns the user and our hotline service which will evaluate, correct and protect from any malfunction. *It will secure the unit in the event of extreme and dangerous weather such as a sandstorm or a hurricane.
  • Our units have few operating limits allowing us to extract water where none of our competitors can.