Air filtration systems for food processing industry and pharmaceutical manufacturer

Clean Air. Save Energy

KMA produces exhaust air filtration systems for many application areas in the metal processing industry. The development focus of our engineers and process technicians has always been sustainability and efficiency. The result: KMA exhaust air filtration systems usually need about 80 % less energy than traditional air filtration systems in the metal processing industry!

Less Energy Consumption Means Less Costs

“KMA exhaust air filtration systems will be self-financing after a short time due to the saved energy costs.”

KMA Umwelttechnik stands for quality and innovation. This is proven every day by more than 3.000 air filter systems installed world-wide.

Their application allows the prevention of environmental pollution and makes an important contribution to the climate protection.
Application areas of the energy-efficient KMA exhaust air filtration systems in the food processing:

1. Frying / baking machines.
2. Meat and fish smokehouses (any type).
3. Baking systems and ovens/
4. Cocoa and nut roasting.
5. Commercial kitchens, canning factories.
6. Animal breeding and fattening farm.

Active environmental protection, that pays off

Clean Air. Save Energy

In the food production the exhaust air filter technology, besides the cooling technology, dispose of the highest potential reduction in CO2 levels. Because traditional catalytic or thermic afterburning systems need for exhaust air purification large amounts of gas, oil or electric energy. The high energy consumption is accompanied by the corresponding emission of CO2.

KMA delivers the energy-efficient solution:

KMA offers with the two exhaust air filtration systems AAIRMAXX® Smoke Filter and ULTRAVENT® Hybrid filter, which combine the high clean air quality with profitability and eco-efficiency and fits to any food processing machine.
“Replace now your afterburning system and you save money!” Ask KMA for a free comparative calculation of operating costs for your application. KMA exhaust air filtration systems ensure clean air and thus reduce your natural gas consumption!. Save energy, conserve our resources and protect the climate.